Press Release

geobra Guidelines for the modification of PLAYMOBIL® figures and PLAYMOBIL® accessories

Below, we as the company geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG and manufacturer of PLAYMOBIL, have defined our guidelines with regards to the modification of PLAYMOBIL figures and PLAYMOBIL accessories to fulfil our responsible commitment to Mr. Hans Beck’s heritage (copyright), as well as to the safety of children (product liability).

    We will proceed against any modification – provided that it is publicized, is of relevance, and we obtain knowledge of the following:
  • Any discriminating content
  • Content used for political statements
  • Content not suited for kids
  • Extremist content of any kind
  • Aggressive content and respective content dealing with war and violence
  • Content and forms harming kids

Geobra will dismiss/refuse any material demands made by people who have modified PLAYMOBIL figures. With regards to the modification of figures and accessories, in the following referred to as customizing, we differentiate between usage in private and usage in public.

Customizing in private is seen as mostly acceptable, especially taking into consideration the activities of our highly-esteemed PLAYMOBIL fans, provided that our economic interests remain unaffected. For example, customized PLAYMOBIL figures must not be sold.

    When it comes to customizing in public, we differentiate between adult and child target audiences.
  • We accept the use of modified PLAYMOBIL figures to impart certain content towards adults. This includes TV late night formats such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman, Conan, and more. With regard to the late broadcasting time, we can assume that these activities are geared towards adults and not kids, given the already-existing content of these late-night shows.
  • When customizing PLAYMOBIL figures and accessories with the purpose to show or make them available to children, we have to ensure the safety of children in general, as well as fulfill our product liability. Within an economically reasonable budget, geobra Brandstätter carefully monitors the market with respect to our products and any customization taking place. As a manufacturer of toys, we comply with this requirement very carefully. In case we find that certain modified and manipulated PLAYMOBIL figures and parts might create a danger for children, we are legally obliged to stop those modifications and also to disclaim liability for any subsequently resulting damage.
    From today’s perspective, the following modifications to PLAYMOBIL figures will put children at risk:
  • Bending by heating with electrical devices or unshielded flame
  • Decoration with pointed parts, such as sharp metal wires
  • Manipulation of the figures with hammer and nails
  • Painting of figures with paint and varnish not suitable for toys