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The Evolution of PLAYMOBIL Figures

1971 Horst Brandstätter asks Hans Beck, Head of Development, to design a new play system.
1972 geobra files a patent application for a 2 3/4 in "toy figure with body open at the bottom."
1974 PLAYMOBIL is born: Native Americans, construction workers and knights start to take the world’s playrooms by storm.
1976 The first female figures join the world of PLAYMOBIL.
1981 The next generation arrives: Boys and girls measuring 2.2 in and little babies of 1.4 in make the PLAYMOBIL family complete.
1982 The power of technology: Thanks to multi-component molding, all PLAYMOBIL figures now have skin-colored, rotating hands.
1986/87 The pirate captain is the first male PLAYMOBIL figure with a round belly.
1987/88 Even more options: New body shapes, bare feet and different styles of footwear offer endless play possibilities, just like the new jackets, vests and long skirts.
1990 Toddlers are delighted by the new PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 range designed just for young children ages 18 months and up.
1995 PLAYMOBIL’s first Santa Claus adds to the pre-Christmas excitement.
2006 Goal in the soccer stadium: The goal-scoring PLAYMOBIL striker with kick function is on target for the World Cup.
2010 PLAYMOBIL on the beach: in response to popular demand, the first PLAYMOBIL figures to wear a bikini and swimming trunks are now on sale.
2011 PLAYMOBIL’s collectible “Fi?ures” in mystery bags are introduced. Fully unassembled, children must put them together to discover which figure they received. The interchangeable parts can be mixed and matched to create entirely new figures.
2012 PLAYMOBIL further embraces family life with the launch of the expectant PLAYMOBIL mother.
2013 Girls have been waiting a long time for this – changeable dresses and skirts to put on their PLAYMOBIL figures.
2014 PLAYMOBIL figures celebrate their 40th anniversary.

No less than 2.7 billion PLAYMOBIL figures now live in playrooms all over the world. Approximately 4,000 different versions have been developed since 1974, and if all 2.7 billion PLAYMOBIL figures manufactured since 1974 hold hands, they would circle the globe 3.4 times. And the growth continues! Every second the world population increases by 2.6 people, but in the same amount of time, 3.2 PLAYMOBIL figures are "born".