Press Release

Six PLAYMOBIL® Playsets Recognized by Top Toy and Parenting Organizations

Cargo, Hotel and PopStars! Themes Recognized Among Industry’s Best

CRANBURY, NJ – November 21, 2013 – PLAYMOBIL, a leading toy manufacturer for more than 35 years, announced today six fantasy playsets have received top honors from prestigious parenting and toy councils. PLAYMOBIL’s Large Furnished Hotel, Cargo and Passenger Aircraft, Cargo Ship with Loading Crane, PopStars! Stage, Take Along Modern Dollhouse and Spy Team Command Vehicle have been recognized among hundreds of new toys as the most innovative products of the year and stand-out gifts for the holiday season.

Eleven separate awards were bestowed upon PLAYMOBIL playsets by the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Good Housekeeping, Parents’ Choice Foundation, National Association of Parenting Publications (NAPPA), The National Parenting Center (TNPC), Toy Insider and Play On Words, LLC.

“These playsets offer the hallmarks of the PLAYMOBIL brand by fostering creativity and inspiring open-ended, imaginative play,” said John Skrajewski, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for PLAYMOBIL USA. “With new themes steeped in reality, like our Cargo and Hotel themes, kids can let their imaginations soar higher than ever with play worlds that blend fantasy and realism. These awards show there is a strong demand for quality products with classic play patterns, like PLAYMOBIL.”

    The complete list of award wins includes:
  • Large Furnished Hotel
    • National Association of Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Silver Award
    • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
    • Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award
    • Toy Insider Top Holiday Toy
  • Cargo and Passenger Aircraft
    • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
    • Parents’ Choice Foundation Silver Award
  • Cargo Ship with Loading Crane
    • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
  • PopStars! Stage
    • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
    • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • Take Along Modern Dollhouse
    • Play on Words LLC Fall 2013 PAL Award
  • Spy Team Command Vehicle
    • Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award

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Large Furnished Hotel (5265): Check into the Large Furnished Hotel for an extended getaway. Start off in the lobby decorated with a check-in counter, safe, room keys, computer monitor, magazine rack, and more. Travel upstairs in the functioning elevator, and use the key cards to enter one of two rooms. Whether traveling with a baby or young children, the crib with foldable sides or two bunk beds ensure that the hotel can accommodate families of all sizes. Each room includes two windows, bed, side table, chair, phone, television, clock, as well as a bathroom with shower and toilet. Room 102 also includes a balcony with lounge chair for added outdoor relaxation. After a good night’s sleep, guests can enjoy breakfast in the hotel café furnished with table, chairs, dishes and silverware, and a highchair. A waiter is on staff to serve a large selection of food. The hotel also has a game room with lots of toys offering a great space for kids to have some indoor fun. Set also includes eight figures, luggage, surfboard, skateboard, plants, and a large variety of additional accessories for endless play. Warning. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ages 4 – 10, MSRP: $164.99

Cargo and Passenger Aircraft (5261): Take to the skies with the Cargo and Passenger Aircraft. Cargo can be loaded by folding up the front of the aircraft, and the roof of the plane is removable, making it easy to play with the figures and rearrange seating for up to five passengers. Two figures can also be seated in the cockpit through the hinged roof to wait for the “all-clear” from the air traffic control tower before taxiing down the runway for takeoff. Set includes five figures, plane equipped with a sink and toilet, cargo container, air traffic control tower with equipment, and other accessories. Warning. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ages 4 – 10, MSRP: $109.99

Cargo Ship with Loading Crane (5253): Transport by sea with the Cargo Ship with Loading Crane. The floating ship’s rotating and adjustable crane with container clamp makes it easy to safely convey heavy cargo on and off board. Take control of the bridge through the cabin’s removable roof and weigh anchor with the winch at the bow of the boat. Set also includes three figures, two cargo containers, flag, and other accessories. Children can upgrade this set with the PLAYMOBIL Underwater Motor (#7350), which will automatically propel the cargo ship through water. Warning. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ages 4 – 10, MSRP: $74.99

PopStars! Stage (5602): Play a sold out show featuring your own tunes with the PLAYMOBIL Pop Stars Stage. This MP3-compatible set allows young pop stars to belt out their favorite lyrics, drum up awesome beats, and wow crowds with radical guitar solos. Just hook up an MP3 player with the enclosed cable and choose your favorite chart topper. Set includes four figures, stage with flashing lights, drum set, two guitars with guitar stands, microphones, two preloaded tunes, built-in speakers, and other accessories. Warning. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ages 4 – 10, MSRP: $39.99

Take Along Modern Dollhouse (5167): Enjoy some fun on the go with the Take Along Modern Dollhouse. This take-along case with latch opens up to reveal a two-story house with four fully-furnished rooms. Families can gather for a home-cooked meal in the kitchen with table, chair, oven, pots and pans, food, dishes, and more. Or, they can enjoy some evening entertainment in the living room with two chairs, coffee table, television, television stand, and other accessories. When bedtime comes, PLAYMOBIL figures can be tucked into the two beds and cradle. The bathroom comes equipped with a bathtub, toilet with toilet paper dispenser, sink with mirror, and brush. Set also includes three figures, two dogs, baby bottle, highchair, and other accessories. Warning. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ages 4 – 10, MSRP: $59.99

Spy Team Command Vehicle (5286): Embark on a top secret mission with the Spy Team Command Vehicle. Protect the Spy Team using the retractable rocket launcher on the vehicle’s roof, or keep enemies contained in the central jail cell, which can pop up and rotate. Agents can also survey the area using the glider jet, which can be detached from the launch pad on the truck’s roof. A secret compartment at the back of the vehicle stores road tacks that can be released to slow down any unwanted followers, while a functioning safe and a compartment on the side of the vehicle are the perfect places for storing top secret materials and spy gear. Two figures can be seated in the driver’s compartment via the hinged door. Set includes a total of three Spy Team figures and one Mega Masters figure. This set illuminates under the UV light from the PLAYMOBIL Headlight with Spy Team Agent (#5290), allowing for exciting spy missions in the dark. Children can upgrade this set with the PLAYMOBIL RC Module Set Plus (#4856) and PLAYMOBIL Spy Camera (#4879) for added features. Warning. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ages 7 – 12, MSRP: $64.99

PLAYMOBIL, Germany’s largest toy manufacturer, is headquartered in Zirndorf, Germany and has been producing and distributing toys for more than 36 years. The company distributes its toys in more than 70 countries and employs more than 3,000 people and has subsidiaries in the United States, France, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Northern Europe, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Austria and Switzerland.

PLAYMOBIL USA toys are distributed in more than 2,200 stores nationwide including the FunPark play center in West Palm Beach, Florida.