Beauty Salon

Item Number: 5487
with showcase for wrist watches and necklaces. Attachable with Shopping Mall (5485)

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    dress and undress figures
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Visit the Beauty Salon for some pampering and a brand new hairdo. Take a seat in the salon chair and lean back while the hairdresser washes your locks before trimming and styling. The salon features a variety of hairstyles so kids can give their figures a new chic look. Set includes two figures, hairstyles, salon chair and washing station, rolling console with hair sheers, shampoo, conditioner, spray bottles and more, mirror, hairdryer, receptionist desk, and other accessories. Outfits are interchangeable and can be switched with outfits from the other Shopping Mall sets (#5485-#5491). This set is compatible with the Furnished Shopping Mall (5485). might also like